The True Story

This is a tale of a mom and a wife trying to keep it all together and still find time for herself.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Well it is official, Griffin is going to start Kindergarten.  I knew this day would come but it seems like it happened so fast.  We attended the "Meet the Teacher" at his school this evening.  Griffin met his teacher Mrs. Ragland, found his seat with his name tag, looked at his cubby, and played around the room.  He was very excited to have computers in his classroom.  I think he is ready.  I am sure he will cry as he always does when he enters into a strange place at first but he is such a social kid that he will adjust quick.  I think I am more nervous about this if that is possible.  I asked so many questions regarding drop-off and pick-up procedures, etc.  I never thought I would become one of those mothers who would annoy the teacher with millions of questions but I am.  I can't help it.  Ha!

Monday marks the first day for Griffin at Pecan Creek Elementary.  Ready or we come!

I have some pictures to post but for some reason the computer will not read my card. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Family

To truly understand what our life is like you have to be introduced to the main characters of our life story. 

Those of you who are reading this probably have met him, are friends with him, or are related to him.  I thought it was pretty important to include him.  Jordan is a hard worker, great father, and the best friend and hubby a girl could ask for. 

My first born.  He is 5 going on 10 years old.  He is the sweetest little guy around, a mama's boy if you will. I think he is Jordan's mini-me as I say he looks exactly like him only with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

Griffin loves playing soccer, t-ball, and riding his scooter and bike.  He is OBSESSED with Star Wars.  Seriously.  I think he could give the movie buffs a run for their money on the trivia of Star Wars.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not but hey the kid wants to become a Jedi. 

He is about to start Kindergarten next week...that will be an adventure. I will definitely be posting on that.  Stay tuned.


My little Lanny as I like to call him.  He is your quintessential little boy.  He is messy, very messy.  His best friend in the whole world is his big brother.  Landon is your quintessential little boy.  He plays with cars, dirt, takes things apart, and so on.  He is a huge Toy Story fan.  He has Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex, and the Aliens which when he plays with them it looks like he is re-enacting scenes from the movie.  I love this little guy.

The Twins
Hard to believe the girls will be four months old and starting on rice cereal and baby food soon.  My the time has gone by fast.  The girls are grabbing onto things and holding their necks up.  We just tried sitting them into the Bumbo seat and they did great.  Now we have to buy another as we only had one from when Landon was born. 

Kendall Ann
The older of the two; Kendall is the sweetest baby girl.  She loves to watch her brothers run around.  She smiles and laughs easily and is content with whatever she is doing.  The boys have nicknamed her "Polka Dot" because of her birthmark on her cheek. 

Kylie Joy
Kylie is our little peanut.  She is such a serious little girl and a diva in the making.  Kylie wants what she wants when she wants it.  She is not afraid to let you know it either.  She has a little temper that when she cries she will turn herself red.  I just love her chubby cheeks and little bug eyes. 

This is my family and my whole world.  I am so blessed.  Most days are chaotic but I wouldn't change a thing!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Step One....Create a Blog

Hello blogging world!  I have decided to jump on the "blog" bandwagon and create my very own.  This should be interesting.  Step one on becoming a "Super Mom" check.  This blog will consist of stories of a day in the life of me.  With four children, one getting ready to start their adventure into the educational world, twin babies, and a little guy who just can't quite get the potty thing down my life is comical to most and I wouldn't change a thing.